What is counselling?

We can all be challenged or go through difficult circumstances in our lives. At times we may become stressed, anxious, experience profound unhappiness or suffer a great loss.


Counselling provides a protected and boundaried space in which to bring and work through these experiences. In a counselling session, you will be heard, by a trained person, in strict confidence and without being judged.


The counsellor's role is not to give advice or to tell you what to do but rather to be a skilled and helpful companion, accompanying you, as you discover your own process and ways of finding growth and healing.


How long is a counselling session? 

A therapy session, or 'therapeutic hour', lasts for 50 minutes. This is to allow time for the counsellor to take any notes and prepare between seeing clients.


How many sessions will I need?

Open Ended Therapy:

When you are ready to come to counselling, you can decide with your counsellor, what might be helpful for you in terms of the amount of sessions you need (usually 6-8 sessions, which can be extended, subject to review). This can then be reviewed during the course of your therapy as you and your counsellor's understanding of your needs develop.  


Time Limited Therapy:

For bereavement, a block of 12 sessions is offered. These include review sessions, allowing you and your counsellor to track how things are going and to make any changes that may be needed. For anticipatory bereavement (i.e. if you have someone in your life who is dying or close to death) 6 sessions are offered - again subject to review and open to being amended. After a loved one has died and you are ready and think you would like to return to therapy, a further 12 sessions can be offered - again subject to review. 


How much does counselling cost?

Therapy costs £45 a session. A limited number of concessions/discounts can be considered for the unemployed, and those otherwise limited financially. This can be discussed with your counsellor on your first session. The payment method is currently cash. Other payment methods may soon be available.

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